Sartomer new Low Migration product range for UV curable inks and coatings

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Sartomer is launching a new range of LM (Low Migration) acrylate monomers and oligomers, specifically designed for the formulation of UV curable inks and coatings, dedicated to indirect food contact applications.

New solutions for UV EB inks and coatings dedicated to indirect food contact applications

With more than 50 years of leadership as specialty acrylate resins supplier, Sartomer has been faced with the most changing regulatory envrionments and has learnt how to adjust its offering to anticipate what is coming next. This expertise, together with a strong chemical and market knowledge, make Sartomer the valuable partner to meet the more stringent requirements of current indirect food contact regulations and those to come.

Many of the standard Sartomer products already respect the general criteria used for the selection of raw materials including compliance towards regulatory standards. Nonetheless, Sartomer is taking this approach one step further, considering the presence of low level residuals which may have a greater tendency for migration. Hence, each grade within Sartomer LM range is produced to exacting standards to prevent the risk of cross-contamination while a comprehensive risk assessment has been conducted to address the presence of NIAS (non-intentionally added substances).

LM product design is also reinforced by a systematic analytical quality control procedure which ensures that the finished product conforms to a detailed sales specification.


All products contained within the initial offering are REACH and TSCA compliant.

Further announcements over the coming months will highlight new innovative additions to this LM product family.



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