Arkema signs a business agreement with Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology

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Jeonju City in Jeollabuk-do announced on June 4 that Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology (KCTECH) signed a business agreement with Arkema, a multinational company headquartered in France, in order to improve the level of carbon composite technology and explore overseas markets.

KCTECH and Arkema also agreed to support cooperative research and technical development of carbon composites along with projects and programs for the development of new technologies. They also agreed to proceed with training, education, and consultation related to the carbon composite industry and establish a cooperative system including the exchange of researchers between France and Korea.


Among other activities, Arkema manufactures automotive interior and exterior materials and lightweight materials, resins for thermoplastic composite, home appliance display and exterior materials. It has the business places in Jinhae and Haman in Gyeongsangnam-do and Gunsan in Korea.


Furthermore, Jeonju City decided to lend its full support to the joint R&D and overseas network established for the globalization of the carbon composite industry.


General Manager STC