Arkema showcases its latest innovations and its range of advanced materials at K2016

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Arkema, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, has become a specialty chemicals and advanced materials group. The Group serves its customers by providing innovative solutions to meet some of the major challenges of today’s world: new energies, water treatment, lighter materials, everyday comfort and wellbeing. These various topics will be addressed on the Arkema stand (6C57) at the upcoming K2016.

A true designer of materials and innovative solutions, Arkema has been ranked in the top 100 global Innovators for five consecutive years by Thomson Reuters. The K2016 trade fair, held in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 19 to 26 October, will showcase the Group’s latest innovations and its ranges of advanced materials around four major themes.

New energies

More efficient and recyclable wind turbines

3D view of a wind turbine

A major challenge of the 21st century, renewable energies provide an answer to a growing demand for energy and a need to preserve the environment.


K2016 will enable you to discover or rediscover Elium®, the only liquid thermoplastic resin to be processed like a thermoset resin for the manufacture of structural composite components. The resulting parts boast mechanical properties identical to those of thermoset composites, with the added benefit of being thermoformable and fully recyclable.


This revolutionary material is suitable in particular for the manufacture of recyclable wind turbine blades - a responsible alternative solution that aptly fits in with the circular economy.

Products on show: Elium®, Altuglas®, Kynar®, Apolhya®, Evatane®, Luperox®

Water treatment

New ultrafiltration membranes to produce excellent water quality over the long term

Ultrafiltration membranes in PVDF Kynar

Providing access to drinking water for a majority of people is a real and imperative issue. Arkema began marketing this year a new Kynar® PVDF nanostructured grade that is particularly innovative in membrane filtration for the production of drinking water.


This high performance fluorinated polymer – winner of the 2016 Pierre Potier prize in France – is used to manufacture ultrafiltration membranes capable of filtering out ultra fine particles such as bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, Kynar® PVDF membranes boast the specific feature of being hydrophilic, thereby allowing a 20% increase in the flow of filtered water compared to traditional membranes for the same energy output.


Finally, these membranes feature lasting resistance to ageing and to corrosive chemicals, and so their lifetime can be extended from 5 to 10 years.

Product on show: PVDF Kynar®

Lighter materials

Lightening the weight of vehicles to save energy

3D view of a plane

With the dwindling of petroleum resources and the need to minimize CO2 emissions, reducing fuel consumption by lightening the weight of vehicles is becoming the main challenge for carmakers. Arkema offers in particular two innovative solutions to meet this objective:

  • The Elium® thermoplastic resin makes it possible to manufacture composite parts reinforced with glass fiber or carbon fiber, such as bumpers and hoods. These parts made from Elium® have the advantage of being 30 to 50% lighter than aluminium parts, and above all are recyclable. The Elium® resin therefore offers genuine assets for the manufacture of many components in the transportation market.
  • Rilsan® HT, the only flexible polyamide capable of withstanding the highest temperatures recorded under the engine hood, is used to manufacture technical parts that are normally made of metal, with an obvious weight saving.

Everyday comfort

Focus on wellbeing and progress

PUMA Soccer shoes

Arkema offers materials that are used in the composition of very many consumer products. In the sports market for example, the Pebax® block amide thermoplastic polyester is used to manufacture new generation football boots and running shoes.


With its unique properties of energy return, light weight, elasticity, flexibility and impact resistance, Pebax® was one of the stars of the Euro 2016 football tournament. Featured in the shoe soles of over 50% of the players in the competition, it is also used in particular in the latest PUMA shoe models and played a role in over half of all goals and decisive assists in the Euro competition!

Products on show: Pebax®, Rilsan® Clear, Nanostrength®

And also...

More than just a chemicals producer, Arkema shapes materials to create and develop high-value-added solutions. Our products help introduce new uses to today’s increasingly demanding markets in an ever-changing world. With tailored solutions for the chemical process industry (Durastrength® and Clearstrength®), sustainable buildings (Kynar®), design (Altuglas®), and even the 3D printing technology (Rilsan® fine powders), Arkema plays a major role in these various thriving markets.


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