Arkema launches the “Salary ROUNDING” scheme

- Press release
Corporate - Social responsibility
“Salary ROUNDING” offers employees the possibility to donate every month the “cents” of their salary to an association.

In line with it Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Arkema has decided to set up a “salary ROUNDING” scheme for its employees effective February 2018, in France initially. Under the scheme, every employee who has elected to do so, will be able to donate the “euro cents” of their salary to an association.


As a token of joint solidarity, Arkema will match those “euro cent” donations also for the benefit of the associations (e.g. if an employee donates 10 cents, Arkema will donate an additional 10).

Which associations will be the beneficiaries?

Six associations have been selected for their actions in areas in which Arkema is already involved, such as water management, education, equal opportunities, and disability:


  • 1001fontaines installs water stations in the world’s poorest regions in order to provide drinking water to local people.
  • Télémaque assists deserving young people from modest backgrounds from the time they start secondary education.
  • Handi’Chiens trains and provides companion dogs free of charge to children and adults who have a mobility impairment and/or suffer from a psycho-behavioral disorder.
  • Secours populaire français fights against exclusion by helping the most disadvantaged by providing food, clothing, and assistance with administrative procedures and their rights.

In France, over 300 companies now offer this salary rounding donation scheme. In 2017, the sums collected in this way amounted to €600,000.

Hoes does it work?

Via a dedicated platform provided by the organization microDON which has developed this “Salary ROUNDING” scheme, Arkema France employees will be able to browse freely through the associations’ projects, choose the association they want to be the beneficiary of their salary ROUNDING, and even make additional donations.