Recycled plastics / Polymer blends

Lotader® and Lotryl® copolymers are mainly used as impact modifier for polyamide, polyester and polycarbonate matrix. In addition, Lotader® and Lotryl® copolymers offer good compatibilization for polymer blends with improved properties.

The use of blends to improve mechanical properties and the development of recycled polymers in compounds require excellent polymer compatibilization. Functional polyolefins allows homogenizing polymeric components of blends and improving the mechanical properties and the processability.

A main example is the use of Lotader® AX8840 for recycled PET which contains polyolefins like PP or PE. Polyolefins which are not eliminated by the regeneration process or introduced intentionally in order to develop blends with improved properties.

It also provides a good appearance and enhances intrinsic viscosity (IV). Lotader® and Lotryl® copolymers for PET recycling are easy to process.


Orevac® CA100 is also a good compatibilizer when recycled PP is mixed with PA or PLA due to his intrinsic reactivity.

Thanks to their high polarity and reactivity, Lotader® AX and Lotryl® copolymers are good modifier for polymer blends such as PC/ABS and PC/PBT blends.



General recommendations:

Starting formulation

Multipurpose toughness

Starting formulation


1/5 of PE Lotader® AX8840 / AX8900


1/5 of minor component Lotader® 3210 / 3410 / 4210


1/5 of minor component Orevac® CA100


1/5 of minor component Orevac® CA100


5 - 10 % Lotader® AX8900

PC/ABS alloys

5% Lotryl® 29MA03T or Lotader® AX8900

PC/PBT alloys

5 - 10 %

Lotader® AX8900 + Lotryl® 35BA40T / 29MA03T or Lotader® AX8900