Impact modifiers for engineering plastics

Temperature resistant thermoplastics (for example PA, PBT, PET, PPS and PC/PBT alloys) are more and more frequently used in the automotive, electrical and electronic industries. Significant parts of these markets need improved impact resistance.

Ethylene copolymers with high comonomer content and therefore good elastomeric behaviour can be successfully used as impact modifiers.


Lotader® MAH grades give excellent performance in modifying PA 6 and PA 6.6 ranging from flexible PA to super-tough PA, while Lotader® GMA grades are the most suitable for the modification of polyesters.


Lotryl® copolymers are frequently combined with Lotader® reactive terpolymers to adjust processability, impact strength and cost.


Lotader® and Lotryl® grades are totally miscible with polyolefins (PO), and therefore are good compatibilizers for PA/PO and polyester/PO blends, as well as PET recycling.  



Lotader®AX8840 (alloys, toners) ;


For virgin polyamide 6:
Lotader® 4700 ; 4720
For recycled polyamide and EVOH:
Lotader®  AX8900 ; AX8930 ; 4700

 For PBT or PET:

Lotader® AX8700 ; AX8750

Lotader® AX8900 ; AX8930

For virgin polyamide 6.6 and EVOH:
Lotader® 4700 ; 3410
For virgin glass filled polyamide:
Lotader® 3410 ; 4700 ; 4720