Bitumen reactive modification

Bitumen reactive modification with Lotader® AX range

Bitumen modification are more and more applied in hot mix asphalts.


Their use improves the resistance to rutting, fatigue and thermal cracking, and extends the service life of an asphalt pavement.


Lotader® AX gives excellent performance to the modified binder in terms of:


  • Excellent rutting resistance
  • Meet most dynamic properties requirements (PG, MSCRT)

Increase of tensile strength

Increase of elasticity

Decrease of temperature susceptibility


Lotader® AX are easy to process:

  • Easy to process
  • Excellent performance with low effect on viscosity
  • Outstanding bitumen storage stability
  • Efficient at low loading at 1.5 – 2.0%
  • Easy to prepare in most common equipment : no need of high shear tank.


Lotader® AX8840 and Lotader® AX8700, AX8750 and AX8900 can be combined to adjust the softening point.


Recommended Lotader® grades:
Technical DatasheetCharacteristics
Grades   Glycidyl methacrylate content (%Wt) Acrylate content (%Wt) Melt Index (g/10min) Melting point (°C) Vicat point (°C)
AX8900   8 24% MA 6 65 <40
AX8840   8 0 5 106 87
AX8700   8 25% BA 9 72 -
AX8750   5 25% BA 12 72 -
AX8670T*   9 15% VA 10 85 - 90  

Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.

* In Development

Among the polymers used in bitumen for road paving, EVA is well known for its compatibility with various bitumens as well as the excellent mechanical properties it brings to asphalt (rutting resistance).